In 2021, the IBYC acronym was officially rebranded to Impacting and Building the Youth of the Caribbean.

The Independent Baptist Youth of the Caribbean (IBYC) Conference was started in 1978 by American Missionaries Jerry and Shermel Johnson who were serving in Antigua at the time.

According to Sister Johnson, when she shared what the Lord had laid on her heart, many thought she was crazy while others said it would not work.

The Johnsons followed the leading of the Lord and so 40-plus years later IBYC is still going strong!

Purpose of IBYC

“Inspiring Baptist Youth to Christian Excellence”

Our purpose during the week of the conference is not necessarily evangelism, though we always desire to see souls saved. IBYC strives to build Christian youth of grit and grace of beauty, with the strength of genuine Christian character. The young people come together to edify and encourage one another. It is a time for them to get to know one another and realize that others in the Caribbean have the same goals and problems as they do.

Friendship and fellowship are essential to the future effectiveness of the ministries of the Independent Baptist Churches in the Caribbean. IBYC is where basic morality and values are still taught. Our young people are taught obedience and respect for God and His word. God expects this of them. We also help your young people to address matters like relationships, making good choices, and setting priorities.

With all the negative influences that are ever before our young people, we remain a light to help steer them toward a growing relationship with the Lord.